Боряна Петрова, ITraining

Boriana Petrova, ITraining

ITraining is a company for professional consulting, business education and training in Microsoft Technologies, IT and Web Marketing. It is founded by Boriana Petrova, Microsoft Certified Trainer with over 10 years experience as an IT instructor and Consultant. The main advantage of ITraining is the individual approach to each client – schedule, teaching material and methodology, which are fully tailored to the particular needs of the certain company, organization, institution or brand, with the current level of students and the specificity of the Bulgarian IT market.

The trainings, the courses and the consultancy in ITraining are kept in contemporary requirements and established world standards in the IT field. They are directed mainly to the acquisition of real experience and useful knowledge by using various tests and exercises and by analyzing and solving specific business problems related to the professional activities of students.