Joel Steendam

PerfectXL, Netherlands

Joel is special guest-speaker of Bulgaria Excel Days.

He works on user experience for PerfectXL, a company which strives to equip users with the tools and knowledge needed to create good business Excel models.

Originating from studies at the Technical University in Delft, PerfectXL began as a project aimed at providing users with the software solutions needed to better understand, and make less mistakes in Excel.

PerfectXL has now been around for several years has been used by some of the largest financial institutions in Europe.

The lecture topic of Joel: The importance of spreadsheet Comparison – History, Complexity and Relevance

In this lecture we will dive into the history and importance of spreadsheet comparison, the challenges that others have faced before and the importance of good comparison. We think about the importance of good comparison in relations to version management, updating and maintaining complex models, and how good spreadsheet comparison aids in documentation.

Look back with us at the history of spreadsheets. At some of the challenges faced in developing good software solutions for spreadsheet comparison. Also learn about the relevance and impact comparison can and will have in a business environment.