Ticket for “Bulgaria Excel Days 2019” Conference: 75.00 Euro

You are receiving Pass for the conference including:

  • 10 lectures
  • Two coffeе breaks
  • Pass for cocktail after the conference
  • Certificate for Attendance
  • Opportunity for Networking

Masterclasses Ticket Packages:

Early Bird Price (until 20 September)

For Conference + 1 Masterclass: 290.00 Euro
For Conference + 2 Masterclasses: 490.00 Euro
For Conference + 3 Masterclasses: 690.00 Euro

The Packages include:

  • Pass for the Conference (10 lectures, coffeе breaks, cocktail after the conference, Certificate for Attendance, Opportunity for Networking), plus
  • Pass for Full Day Masterclass/Masterclasses (coffee breaks, lunch, Certificate for Masterclass).

See detailed description of the Masterclasses here.

bulgaria excel days

Please register for the conference. After registration we will contact you about most convinient for you payment options.